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Notes de lecture : table des matières, index — Retour au dossier marxisme

À Friedrich Engels, le 18 novembre 1868

Karl Marx, lettre à Friedrich Engels, le 18 novembre 1868.

Mots-clefs : ❦ cellule, noyau

Büchner’s clumsy work [1868] is of interest to me in as much as it quotes most of the German research in the field of Darwinism — Prof. Jäger (Vienna) [1864] and Prof. Haeckel [1866, 1868]. According to them the cell has been abandoned as the primaeval form ; instead a formless but contractile particle of albumen is taken as starting point. This hypothesis was later confirmed by the discoveries in Canada (later also in Bavaria and some other places). The primaeval form must naturally be traced down to the point at which it may be produced chemically. And it appears that the way to this point has been found.

Cité dans Baksi 1996:281-282.

Peut-être les premières approches des acides nucléiques, qui n’ont été isolés qu’en 1869 (Friedrich Miescher). Dès 1866, Haeckel faisait l’hypothèse du rôle du noyau dans l’hérédité.