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Notes de lecture : table des matières, index — Retour au dossier marxisme

À Friedrich Engels, 7 janvier 1851

Karl Marx, lettre à Friedrich Engels, le 7 janvier 1851.

Mots-clefs : ❦ amélioration du sol, suite au progrès de la science et de l’industrie

The increase in rent proves, according to his [Malthus] own exposition of his theory, that :

1. Recourse is had to ever poorer types of soil, or that the same amount of capital, successively employed on the same land, does not give the same yield. In a word : the soil deteriorates in like proportion to the increasing demands the population must make upon it. It becomes relatively less fertile. […]

2. […] 3. […]

Now these 3 propositions are everywhere refuted by history.

1. There is no doubt that, with the advance of civilisation, ever poorer types of soil are brought under cultivation. But equally, there is no doubt that, as a result of the progress of science and industry, these poorer types of soil are relatively good as against those previously regarded as good.

2. […] 3. […]

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