Appendix A Index of terms

I want all important terms of both texts (children of group) to be shown here together in a single alphabetical list.

I remember my naive post in TEI-list to say that the divGen offered by the Guidelines didn’t seem to do much by itself and asking the list if somebody knew how to make it work. A few minutes later (hours maybe), it was in the stylesheets. Thanks to the one who XSLTises faster than thunder.


auto-generated index of terms
Appendix A Index of terms  
back matter, in named back matter of B
back matter, in named div in back matter of B
Appendix A More about this 
dolor, in B.1.1
Heading of text B, div B.1, subdiv B.1.1 
exercitation, in B.2.2
Heading of text B, div B.2, subdiv B.2.2 
front matter, in text B
Announcing B the second text child of group 
Unique div in the body of A 
My Self. Date: 2015