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Test de choses et d’autres

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1. Première partie

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2. XInclude, base URL, TEI to XHTML

XInclude imposes that included files get a base URL when the inclusions are processed. Let’s see what this gives when transforming the resulting TEI to XHTML.

What are the folders concerned? I have all my TEI projects as subfolders of ~/TEIworkbench. This test resides in ~/TEIworkbench/sandbox. All projects (except the smallest) have a subfolder inclusions. The division where we are here comes from the file ~/TEIworkbench/sandbox/inclusions/baseURL.xml.

I am no digital humanist, but I find TEI a very powerful way to publish some content as a bunch of pages in XHTML, with table of contents, navigation, etc. I use TEI like others use DocBook, but I had from the beginning good reasons to prefer TEI. (Still more since you treated the element <divGen> in the style sheets.) All this is to say that the most important folder is ~/TEIworkbench/sandbox/tei2xhtml. Of course the works in sandbox are not actually published online, but if it was, tei2xhtml would be a symbolic link to, say, ~/Site/httpdocs/linux/sandbox. Because I may want to propose the XML TEI source file to the readers online, the TEI ~/TEIworkbench/sandbox/testingthings.xml with a XInclude call for inclusions/baseURL.xml is XInclude-processed to ~/TEIworkbench/sandbox/tei2xhtml/testingthings.xml and this ordinary TEI (all XInclusions merged) is transformed into index.html in the same target folder. Thus a relative link to an image, because ~/TEIworkbench/sandbox/tei2xhtml actually is ~/Site/httpdocs/linux/sandbox would be written ../../photos/kiel06.jpg for ~/Site/httpdocs/photos/kiel06.jpg.

Now let’s try some images and links first with photos, the first one with absolute URL

Figure 1. While shopping in Enkhuizen
Nicely perpendicular to the quay.

and another, relative

Figure 2. Evening on board
I am the one with blue cotton.

I am testing <graphic> above to make sure, but the problems I saw are with <ref>. I may want to link to some absolute URL to a page on my web site, but not part of this TEI project, like a page explaining why I feel important to encode text in TEI XML. But I could also want to point to such a file as a relative link, say about editors in the parent folder of the target folder, or in the target folder itself some other file not part of the project.

By the way, I wonder what becomes of a reference to some xml:id attribute, like saying in a <reg> that I (#dm) am the one responsible for some correction, this referring to

  <persName xml:id="dm">Dominique Meeùs</persName>
  <resp>Dominique made this for testing things.</resp>

in the <teiHeader>.

Appendix A Conclusion

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Dominique Meeùs. Date: 2011-08-02