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Seems that more than 70 years from April 1941, this should now be free from rights in most of the world. Edited by Dominique Meeùs from the text from Project Gutenberg mentioned below. Typewriter’s quote signs (') replaced by real quotes (or apostrophes) and so with double quotes ("). This has been done very fast (indeed as an exercise of fast encoding in TEI to publish in HTML and ePub); errors with opening and closing quotes are still possible. No other change has been made to the text 0200331.txt from Project Gutenberg of Australia. Tagged in TEI and transformed in HTLM pages or ePub e-book. The HTML pages were obtained through the last TEI Stylesheets. The ePub, online through the OxGarage Document Conversion. Both from the same TEI XML source.

Version 1.03. Date last modified: January 1, 2012.

About the source text from Gutenberg of Australia

Title: Orlando
Author: Virginia Woolf
* A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook *
eBook No.: 0200331.txt
Language: English
Date first posted: April 2002
Date most recently updated: April 2002
This eBook was produced by: Sue Asscher.

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